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Engineering Extraordinary Results

For top-quality engineering management, trust iCivil, Inc., in Baltimore, Maryland. We have decades of experience in providing comprehensive construction management services, including:

Inspection • Scheduling • Claims Analysis • Quality Assurance • Shop Drawing Review • Constructability Review • Documentation Audit • Material Clearance Review



For more than 10 years, iCivil, Inc., has been designing various types of civil engineering structures. Included in our portfolio are:

Highways • Bridges • Pavements • Landscapes • Housing Units • Drainage Systems • Sidewalks • Miscellaneous Structures


Our team develops critical path scheduling (CPM) or bar charts. This includes immediate updates on the schedule to account for possible delays and emergencies.

Claims Management

When it comes to claims review, we analyze all construction claims to determine entitlement. We also review project documentation for possible adjustments in schedule and costs.

Constructability Review

This is an in-depth study to see if you have enough quantities and if your project can be built the way it was phased. We provide a second set of eyes to catch problems early.

Construction Inspection

We also inspect construction, such as deck pans for bridges or the resurfacing of road ways. When necessary, we also can employ certified traffic control personnel, as well as erosion and sediment control managers.

Environmental Compliance

Aside from evaluating your construction sites, we review your project documents to make sure that you are complying with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Contact us today to get started.